Studio Policy

DoRe Mimosa Studio Policy 2023

Welcome to the DoRe Mimosa Piano Studio! I am looking forward to the opportunity to teach your child(ren) this year and to help them reach their individual musical goals. The studio offers private traditional or Suzuki piano lessons for students of all ages. Early beginners are welcome to start from the age of three.


New families are invited to schedule an appointment via email for a free 30 minute, no-obligation consultation. During this consultation we can discuss any questions regarding piano study and general information about the studio.


All students are required to have an acoustic or digital piano to practise on at home. Keyboards have a very different touch and sound to a piano. Therefore, the student would be unable to replicate proper technique and musicality during home practice. The piano must be tuned, in working order and accessible daily. Acoustic pianos should be tuned at least once a year.


Parents are responsible for purchasing books required for the lesson. Beginning students will need a core collection of music books, a music player and a notebook for the parent to take notes in during the lesson. Further supplementary materials may include theory books/games, an adjustable piano bench, and a footstool for proper leg support.

Suzuki Method

The Suzuki method is available to beginners from the age of three whose parents are willing to make a significant time commitment and be actively involved in the process. Further information about the method can be discussed during the consultation.


Tuition is paid by the school term and is non-refundable and non-negotiable. Payment is due by the first lesson of each school term and reserves the weekly lesson time for the term. Lessons missed by the student are not able to be rescheduled or made-up by the teacher for any reason. However, students may swap lesson times with each other. At least 24 hours notice must be given if your child is not able to attend their lesson, and you would like to swap lesson times with another student that week.

In the instance the teacher is unable to teach a scheduled lesson, a make-up lesson will be arranged at a time that suits both parties, or the lesson will be credited to the following term of study. If the child is too sick to go to school, could they please stay at home for the health of other students and the teacher. Online lessons are available as an alternative if the child is well enough. I appreciate your consideration in helping me run a healthy studio.

Lesson Termination

The studio maintains high standards and has the right to dismiss a student at any time due to lack of interest, inappropriate behaviour or numerous missed lessons. A refund would be made for the remainder of the lessons for that term. If a student wishes to stop lessons, one term of notice must be given to the teacher. No refund will be made if a student wishes to stop before the end of the term.

Practice Expectations

A quiet, clean environment is a necessity for efficient practice. Students are expected to commit to daily practising and make progress on tasks set. Suzuki parents are expected to supervise home practice. Practice sessions should be focused on achieving goals and having an enjoyable learning experience. Practice strategies will be discussed during lessons.


Parent/s or caregivers of very young children are advised to attend the child’s lessons and take notes to assist with practice sessions at home. Older children may require less direct supervision during practice. Parents are advised to not interrupt the lesson by making comments, phone calls etc.

Lesson Protocol

Please do not bring food or drinks into the studio. Please enter the studio quietly so as not to interrupt the previous lesson and prepare all materials ready to be presented to the teacher before the lesson. Please ask any questions at the beginning of the lesson so as to not overrun into the next student’s lesson time at the end. Every effort is made to stay on schedule and ensure that each student receives the full lesson time.


Lessons during the holidays are recommended but not compulsory. If the student is on holiday during term time, online lessons can be arranged during their lesson time slot only.