The studio is fitted with brand new furniture and learning materials designed to ensure the most comfortable and efficient learning experience. The studio is equipped with two acoustic pianos (including a Yamaha G2 baby grand piano) for optimal learning, and contains a footstool and height-adjustable stools for every student to establish a sound technique.

Lessons aim to develop a holistic musician by incorporating sight-reading, theory, aural, improvisation, composition, technical skills, collaborative playing and the yearly 40 piece challenge!

The studio encourages learning by providing students opportunities to participate in concerts, competitions, exams, group classes, and hold their own piano parties!

Group classes will focus on training theory, aural, performance and ensemble skills. Group classes are divided into beginner, intermediate, advanced, and Suzuki, and are strongly recommended for beginners.

The studio has an expanding library and keeps up to date with the latest educational apps, technology, teaching methods, equipment etc. Ongoing professional development is a high priority and Natalie frequently attends seminars, masterclasses, concerts, and workshops.